gg2Graeme Goodings 7 News Presenter – cancer survivor

Hi Thanks for visiting my website. You’re probably here because you are dealing with cancer, as a patient or carer. Or maybe a family member or friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

I know how tough it is, after having my own battle with bowel cancer. Many people have already benefitted by watching my DVD Cancer – What Now? I have been very humbled by the reaction of those who say the DVD has helped them take back control of their lives, answering many of the questions about cancer. I’m certain it can help you too. Please read the following testimonials and see how Cancer – What Now? has helped others. Return to the homepage if you want to purchase the DVD. Delivery will be within three working days to metropolitan areas.

Good luck on your journey, Graeme Goodings Cancer survivor

DibdenDr.Christopher Dibden – Radiation Oncologist

1. Cancer – What Now? is a thoughtfully researched and skilfully produced DVD which brings together the many and varied disorders collectively referred to as “cancer” and the equally varied options for the successful management of these diseases.

2. Cancer – What Now? is an excellent starting point for a person recently diagnosed with cancer to begin his or her journey of discovery and action on the road back to good health and a fulfilling life.

3. This marvellous DVD provides an optimistic, can-do approach to a condition which so often invokes feelings if despair and helplessness; it offers hope where so frequently there seems to be no hope!

4. Above all,the Cancer – What Now? DVD is a useful tool in the hands of those with cancer who have a task ahead of them in dealing with and eradicating their disease.It really can be done!

5. I congratulate Graeme Goodings and his team for their imagination, foresight and tenacity in producing such an excellent and innovative DVD.Cancer – What Now? will brighten the darkest hours and lighten the enormous burden of those diagnosed with cancer now and for years to come.6.Why did we not think of this before?Cancer is very scary.Cancer – What Now? has removed some of the fear and has given me the vital information to beat it.Thanks so much

B.T. Melbourne

simone“The Cancer What Now? DVD is a fantastic tool to assist someone facing cancer in many ways.Not only does the DVD provide you with worthwhile information, but it actually shows you what some of the rooms or machines look like.EG the counselling rooms at the Cancer Council, the theatres where surgery will be performed,the radiotherapy machines, and what it looks like when you have chemotherapy. There is always so much to absorb when you are new to something, and I found that the visualisation of a new surround, sometimes distracted me from what the professionals were actually telling me. I wished I had seen this DVD before I commenced my journey as it may have taken away some of my anxiety when entering a new room for a new purpose.

Simone Coonan Adelaide SA

Its a frightening experience to be told you have cancer.You feel like you’re the only one.Cancer – What Now? showed me I wasn t alone, lots of people have gone through it before.It was very reassuring to hear their experiences. The questions to ask your doctor were also a great help.Thanks so much.

Karl L Willoughby NSW

craigDear Graeme,Well done and I hope Cancer – What Now? helps a lot of people. Something like this was much needed.Kind regards,

Dr Craig Hassed

Deputy Head, Department of General Practice Monash University

“Thanks for your DVD.I’m following the chapters as I go on the cancer journey and am really looking forward to reaching the chapter Getting on with your life after cancer.”

K. Martin Ballarat Vic

Anyone with cancer should get this DVD. Knowledge is power and without knowledge about your cancer and types of treatment you’re going to struggle.
The DVD gave me the information I needed to ask my doctor the right questions and then decide on which treatment was best for me.
I haven’t beaten cancer, but I’m on the way thanks to Cancer – What Now?

Steven McD Paramatta NSW

ashleighHi Graeme – a very big Congratulations! to you for the Launch of your Excellent DVD – certainly comprehensive and a much needed resource.And Thank You for the supportive feedback on our Cancer Voices SA site and Facebook page.

Ashleigh Moore SA

Congratulations on Cancer – What Now?

I have called the Cancer Council Helpline many times since my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They have been extremely helpful. But when told there was a DVD about Cancer I thought I’d have a look.

As well as answering many questions about cancer it has advice for carers.

PS love the survivors stories

Gwenn T.Lower Plenty Vic.

So many questions, now so many answers.

I strongly recommend the DVD Cancer – What now?” After watching it I know I can beat my cancer. I know what to ask and where to go to get the right treatment and advice. Even my doctor said I knew more about my cancer than he did.

Good luck to fellow cancer survivors.

A. Lawson Sunshine Coast Qld.


I am writing to offer feedback regarding the “Cancer – What now?” DVD I was given to look at, at the last Cancer Connect conference. I would like to offer my congratulations to all who were involved in the making of this DVD. All chapters were very informative and were presented in a very friendly and non threatening way.

It encourages patients to ask as many questions as they may have of the people that are treating them. Wish this had been available when I was diagnosed 10 years ago.

Kind Regards

Marion Holland

This would have been a great DVD to have had about a year ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. Over the last 12 months I have learnt a lot about cancer, the practical issues and services available, but there is still information on this DVD that I didn’t know and found useful.

Louise Bond, Mannum S.A

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